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I Have A Fucking Contention

I don’t understand how the new censorship that Yahoo has instigated on Tumblr doesn’t directly contradict their promises of preserving the site’s freedom and moral expression.  The major anti-slut shamming culture, body confidence support, promotion of sexual freedom, having any sexuality as a right, and freedom of artistic expression are some of many standpoints that make the site great and unique.  It’s a common value amongst many of our bloggers that one has freedom to do what they please with their body and they should never be shamed for nor pressured into doing or not doing anything with it that they don’t want to.  Isn’t removing the photography, no matter the aesthetic, of human bodies and their actions just because it’s “scatological” pressuring us into not expressing ourselves sexually in this way?  By making Tumblr “age appropriate” through removing anything tagged with “inappropriate” content, it’s reinforcing the slut shaming culture that we so hate and suppressing the sexuality that we were for once free to truly express. How is it the place of a corporation to make the moral judgement of whether a gif of people having sex is beautiful or ugly and publicly expressible or to be contained and hidden?  That is the choice of an individual, and if one is of a younger age, that individual’s guardians (who by the way have the responsibility and freedom to choose what they want their child to access or see for themselves). It’s forcing the idea that what one does with his or her body and how one expresses themselves with said body can be “inappropriate” and the reassertion that sex is immoral.  Unlike almost every other social media outlet, Tumblr is, or should I say, was a safe place for many people to express themselves without fear of judgement or shame.  Yahoo is robbing us of that.  It is forcing morals on people who may or may not agree with those values.  Many of us, in fact, do not.  To your company, Yahoo, taking away porn might be a method of gaining a larger user base, but to us, Tumblr, it’s taking away our freedom and rebutting our values head on.  You are wronging us.  And because I feel I should be free here: FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS I WANT MY FUCKING PORN THANKS A FUCKING LOT I LOVE FUCKING I LOVE TO FUCK AND I LOVE WATCHING PEOPLE FUCK I LOVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE FUCKING I LOVE PEOPLE WHO DON’T LOVE FUCKING BUT IT’S MY CHOICE WHETHER I THINK FUCKING IS FUCKING AWESOME AND FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK OUR FUCKING AND SHOWING OURSELVES FUCKING AND WATCHING EACH OTHER FUCK IS NOT O-FUCKING-KAY. Thank you.